Hush, also known as Thomas Elliot, was a renowed surgeon and a childhood friend of Bruce Wayne's.

Real name: Thomas "Tommy" Elliot
AKA: Hush
Species: Human
Hair: Black
Eyes: Black
Relatives: Father, Mother (names unknown)
Base: Somewhere in Gotham City
Affiliations: Batman's Rogue Gallery
Rogue of: Batman, Nightwing, Batgirl/Oracle, Robin
Weaponry: Pistols (two)
Voiced by: Aaron Eckheart


Thomas Elliot is a renowned surgeon and childhood friend of Bruce Wayne's. A meticulous planner, Elliot resents the fact that Bruce's father inadvertently thwarted his plot to kill his parents. While he went on to Harvard and became a successful surgeon, Elliot continued to hold an irrational grudge towards his childhood friend for having the "good fortune" he never had. He created for himself the identity of Hush, a mysterious, trench-coated criminal with his head wrapped in bandages, who often quotes Aristotle. He and the Riddler convinced and manipulated several other villains to help an elaborate plot against Batman, and after being defeated has continued taunt the Bat-family and menacing their allies. Recently, Elliot has surgically altered his face to look like Bruce Wayne's, planning to steal his identity.



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